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What is a high frequency treatment? 

High frequency is a type of current that is used on acneic skin to speed the healing of active breakouts and on very oily skin to dry out the skin. It has a germicidal and healing effect on skin. Unlike galvanic, high frequency uses a different type of current – an alternating current.

How Does High Frequency Work?

The high frequency machine connects to a glass probe (by a wire).

That glass probe is filled with a gas, such as argon or neon. The gas makes the probe glow a certain color when it’s turned on (e.g. violet, orange, red).

Probes come in different shapes to accommodate different areas of the face. The most common one is called the mushroom probe.It is round and flat which cover a bigger area.

An esthetician places gauze over skin and then runs the probe over the gauze for a few minutes. There may be a little sparking.

The probe produces ozone gas that kills bacteria inside a pimple. The bacteria that causes acne (P. acnes) cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. So ozone (which is a form of oxygen, denoted as O3) kills the bacteria.

The heat emitted from the probe also has a healing and drying effect. 

**This treatment is recommended once a week for active acne skin. There are no age limit for this treatment. It's for all ages.